Borēaline® Line from Bio ForeXtra is now available from IFF Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Following our July 2016 strategic investment in Bio Forextra, a Canada based R&D laboratory, highly specialized in the development of sustainable active cosmetic and botanical extracts, .IFF│Lucas Meyer Cosmetics is pleased to announce that as of October 20th 2017, the Borealine® line from Bio Forextra will now be available through LMC distribution network.


Borealine® line:

  • Borealine® Expert, red maple extract rich in polyphenols for anti-aging and anti-wrinkles benefits; 
  • Borealne® Protect, black spruce extract rich concentrated in trans-resveratrol for photo-aging protection;
  • Borealine® Hydra, complex of 4 bark extracts that provides long-lasting hydration. 


The addition of these 3 sustainably sourced active ingredients from the Boreal Forest of Canada is totally aligned with our strategy of offering fully differentiated ingredients to our customers. 

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