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LMC Hair Care Active Duo

Siligel™ LONG VERSION - The Foolproof Gelling Agent

Using Siligel™

LMC Suncare Active Trio

Siligel™ - The Foolproof Gelling Agent

Ecogel™ - How to formulate with Ecogel™

Heliofeel™ - How to formulate Heliofeel™

Biophilic™ - How to formulate Biophilic™ H/S & Amisol™ SOFT

Lecigel™ - How to formulate Lecigel™


Seminar in UK with our distributor Infinity Ingredients

PRO-LIPO™ NEO - Formulation Advices

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics’ New Active Ingredients Launched at in-Cosmetics 2014 in Hamburg